We are Synergy 4 All, empowering business

Synergy 4 All is a company that develops, customizes and implements business solutions for international and domestic customers.

18 years of experience in international marketing, sales, procurement  and production, Synergy 4 All recognised that there was a large demand from small and middle size companies for assisting of the developments of their new markets on the marketing, sales and/or procurement side.

Today Synergy 4 All build up a successful worldwide network for branch related products and services.

Meet our team

Mr. Patrick Holtermans

Mr. Patrick Holtermans
Owner and  founder of Synergy 4 All
Spoken Language: Dutch, French, German and English

Mrs. Alessandra Gazzaniga

Mrs. B. Bournonville
Commercial Area Agent France - Renewable Energies

Mrs. B. Bournonville

Mrs. Alessandra Gazzaniga
Sales and Procurement office Italy - Wood Products

Mr. Frederic Gourat

Mr Stéphane Martinez
Free Lance Graphic Designer - Paris
Spoken Language: French, Spanish and English


When you are prepared, you are more confident. When you have a strategy, you are more comfortable.
(Fred Couples)